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Case Study: TransferGO

Case Study

DOT x TransferGO

The Cross Border Payments & Remittance Company

TransferGo Case StudyTransferGo Case Study

"The CPI (cost per app install) is 50% better than all other channels, including Google"

Mikhail Ovsepyan

Head of Expansion

TransferGO provide remittance services including instant and very cheap money transfers from the EU and the UK to over 160 countries worldwide.

TransferGO approached DOT seeking a cost effective App Install Campaign to expand their market share. In particular TransferGO sought to drive growth in the UK to Nigeria remittance corridor, highlighting their new ability to offer transfers in the local Naira currency.

CPI (Cost Per Install) was to be the primary metric being evaluated against their existing marketing/advertising channels. When joining DOT, TransferGO were already using Google Ads alongside other traditional advertising channels.

The Challenges

Significantly Boost App Installs

Low Target Cost per Install

Expand to New Markets

TransferGO sought dramatic increases in app install volume, at low cost!

The Solutions

1. Access to DOT’s Diaspora Ad Network


Access to hundreds of premium websites across the African continent (#1 in Nigeria). Millions of readers, unlimited potential.

2. Campaign Strategy Included

DOT provided campaign strategy, A/B testing, and ongoing feedback to the TransferGO team.

Results Seen


App Install Performance vs Google


Installs in 30 Days

When expanding to new markets scaling immediately is always a challenge. DOT being one of our most trusted providers enable us to scale in the markets we need fast. We greatly appreciate the support they provide us!”

"We'd like to use DOT for many more new markets in the future"

Mikhail Ovsepyan

Head of Expansion

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