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Our Story

From Intrusive to Engaging

Founded in 2018, DOT grew from a desire to change digital advertising from the intrusive to the engaging.

It was clear early on that Publishers fought an ongoing battle between 1. maintaining a friendly and engaging reader experience and 2. growing revenue to ensure a sustainable business.

DOT’s early mission was to give these Digital Publishers the tools to create beautiful interactive content, and allow them to monetize this new found reader attention without distraction.

2018 – 2020

This led to DOT’s first product – DOT | Polls & Quizzes. A tool now used by Publishers globally to increase dialogue with their audiences, boost read time, and enhance all site engagement metrics.


In 2020 DOT launched several new tools with the goal of dramatically improving revenue opportunities whilst maintaining this positive reader experience – DOT | Header Bidding and DOT | Smart Lazy.

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