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Our Principles

There is nothing more important to us than doing business in the right way. We do not believe in profit at any cost, and are inherently conscious that to be successful in the long term, we must focus on our own actions today.

DOT was founded with the belief that a focus on the reader will ultimately reward publishers with both new traffic and revenue sources. Equally, we believe that we must focus on the individuals behind your business for those partnerships to truly grow and prosper.


1. We believe in Transparency. Working with us means we will be transparent with you on how we can help, the issues we may face, and the rewards we expect to bring.

2. We believe in Dialogue. By keeping the channel of communication open with our clients we can serve them better.

3. We believe in Mutual Respect and Mutual Gain. Our gain is your gain, and we only work on projects where, when we succeed, you also succeed. In this way our interests are aligned and true symbiosis will exist.


With these principles in mind, we look forward to working with you.


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