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Janus Notes

Case Study

DOT | Janus Notes


"I thank DOT for their ongoing dedication and commitment to Janus Notes - Their support is amazing"

Anirudh Saraya

Janus Notes is a fast growing technology & business magazine with readership across the US and Asia

The Challenges

Reliance on Adsense

Low Ad Revenue

Lack of Support

To enhance both monetization and user experience Janus Notes needed access to a lightening fast Header-Bidding set up

The Solutions

1. Access to DOT | Header Bidding

Overnight access to 20+ demand partners including including Pubmatic, ADX, Rubicon.

2. Access to DOT | Smart Lazy

Smart Lazy

Real time ad placement optimization using the power of AI.

Results Seen


Average Increase in Revenue vs Adsense


Ad Viewability Increases from 49% to 80%+

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