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DOT | Smart Lazy

The Power of AI on Every Page

Revenue Share

Use the power of AI to optimize your ad space automatically.

  • Dynamically insert ads
  • Automatically adjust for article length
  • Simple implementation. One line of code
  • Transform Viewability & Revenue
  • Faster Ad Loading
  • Monthly Payments
  • Priority Support

Being Seen Matters

Viewability is the measure of how ‘visible’ ads are on a page, usually expressed as a percentage. The more visible an ad is, the more valuable.

You should care about your ad visibility because Google, alongside other SSP’s will actively track this metric in real time.

Nonetheless, it is very normal for visibility to progressively decrease the lower down a page you go, typically sub 25% for units below the mid-way point. This very often affects the CPM’s and ‘Value’ of ad units placed at these lower levels.

Welcome, DOT | Smart Lazy 

Here using advanced AI, your content layout is scanned and ad locations optimized in real time. Additionally, ads will be requested only when they approach the visible part of a users screen. Together, these calculations happen in milliseconds, and guarantee viewability above 70% for all across the board.

Be seen. Your revenue depends on it.


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