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DOT | Header Bidding

Bring in the Competition

Revenue Share

Turbo-charge your site with our smart Header Bidding technology.

  • Easy to activate
  • Multiple demand sources
  • Real time revenue optimization
  • Smart ad refresh
  • Monthly payments
  • VIP support

What is Header Bidding?

Imagine running a race without competition… you would win, but you probably wouldn’t push yourself as hard as you could go. Now add a competitor, you’d probably run a little faster but even then, your odds of winning remain high.

Now, imagine adding 20 competitors, hundreds of thousands of fans, and life-changing prize money if you succeed. This time, the pressure is intense, the challenge is real, and you are likely to push your abilities beyond what you’d previously thought possible.

Header Bidding is a bit like this. It adds competitors to the Ad bidding process, forcing your ADX or Adsense to work much much harder. The good news is, whichever Ad Network ‘wins the race’, you benefit with higher revenues and happier readers.


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