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Guide: Judge Ad Performance

Google Analytics

The most important aspect to any marketing or advertising campaign is knowing how to track it effectively.

DOT offers the tools to track performance across several KPI’s and optimise ad performance. If you are running a DOT campaign, it might first be helpful to view our Guide to Set up Ad Tracking before continuing below.

…is my campaign working?


Definition: How often your ad is shown. An impression is counted each time your ad appears on a DOT partner website.

What to look out for: Impressions indicate the scale of your campaign. It is important that you match your marketing budget with your marketing aspirations. Understanding the number of impressions typically required for each conversion is a great starting step.


Definition: A marketing metric that counts the number of times users have clicked on a digital advertisement to reach a website or landing page.

What to look out for: Clicks indicate the initial interest from an ad unit in your product or service. Typically the higher the number of clicks, the more effective the campaign.

CTRClick Through Rate

Definition: The ratio of clicks to ad impressions. The higher the better

What to look out for: A high CTR is indicative of an effective campaign yet numbers can vary. Make sure to A/B Test different ad sizes and placements to work out which see high CTR levels. Sales/Lead Generation campaigns typically focus more on CTR than higher level brand awareness campaigns.


Definition: Visitors to your site which go onto take a subsequent desired action, whether it be to fill out a form, subscribe, or make a purchase.

What to look out for: Conversions are the ultimate goal. If your website or landing page are receiving visits yet few conversions, these assets require attention (unless your ad itself is misleading). Tools like HotJar for instance can give you a great understanding of where readers are clicking, and overall landing page effectiveness.

Behaviour Flow

Definition: The path of actions site visitors take through your website or landing page.

What to look our for: Like a trail through a forest, understanding your audience flow can keep your marketing funnel healthy and advertising campaigns effective.

Within Google Analytics the ‘Behaviour Flow Report’ visualises the path users traveled from one Page or Event to the next. This report can help you discover what content keeps users engaged with your site.

Judge Ad Performance
GA Behaviour Flow Report

Traffic Segments

Definition: Traffic Segments are specific cross sections of your website traffic. eg: Google Search Traffic, or Facebook Referral Traffic.

What to look out for: Isolating specific segments of your traffic and then assessing key metrics like CTR and Conversions can help you understand which traffic sources are providing the most benefit to your business.

If you are using UTM tracking with your DOT Campaigns, it is easy to isolate traffic and performance for these campaigns specifically. Segments are compatible with all areas of Google Analytics including the Behaviour Flow functionality listed above.

Audience Overview
Traffic Segments within Google Analytics

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