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uCompares Review: DOT

Review originally published on uCompares

Are you looking for an effective Crypto Ad Network? Are you new to crypto advertising? Do you wish to increase your target audience but don’t know how? Are you looking for options to run successful campaigns? Is return on investment important to you?

If you have all of the above questions in mind, this article contains almost everything you might want to know about crypto ad networks to ensure successful marketing campaigns!

What are Crypto Ad Networks?

Crypto ad networks have now become common and popular in the industry. Crypto ad networks work a lot like other networks such as Google AdSense. It might seem obvious but the key difference is that crypto ad networks focus on projects, audiences, and technologies related to the crypto sector. Like other networks, the goal is often to raise awareness about a project or solution in order to drive new business, grow revenue, and gain sales.

Why are Crypto Ad Networks Important?

Crypto ad networks are typically the fastest and most convenient route to revenue and sales growth. For any marketing strategy reaching targeted and relevant audiences is the most crucial first step. Crypto ad networks benefit from direct access to crypto-interested individuals, which for any project or business in the space is a valuable asset. Additionally, many crypto businesses struggle to access traditional advertising channels such as Google or Facebook ads. In this case, crypto specialist networks offer an easy alternative.


DOT is the #1 UK Based Ad Network for Crypto Advertisers. DOT offers direct access to audiences interested in Crypto products, Blockchain technologies, NFT’s, and other similar topics. For advertisers seeking a powerful advertising solution and over 175 million monthly readers globally, DOT offers the most comprehensive solution. Hundreds of crypto brands trust DOT to deliver on their marketing goals.

Read more to know why DOT is the best alternative to Coinzilla.

Key Benefits

  • Hundreds of Crypto Advertisers choose DOT
  • 175+ Million Readers Monthly
  • Flexible Pricing. Cancel any time.
  • Advanced Geo-Targeting & Contextual Targeting Options
  • Free Animated Ad Design
  • Free Sponsored Articles & Press Releases

DOT for Advertisers

Are you a marketeer or business owner looking for new leads, app installs, registrations, or relevant website traffic?

DOT’s targeted advertising is designed to bring conversions and not simply clicks. Return on investment is at the core of DOT’s ad solution and the pricing is designed to reflect this. Campaigns are super flexible, start and stop, at any time with no contracts. You are in control of your budget.

Free Ad Design, Free A/B Testing, & Free Sponsored Articles

DOT also offers free creative design, free sponsored articles, and free campaign management designed to maximize your returns. If you are looking for the most comprehensive access to premium crypto audiences, DOT might be your best option. Free content is available across all of DOT’s extensive media portfolio.

Premium Publishers

DOT offers partnerships with hundreds of Premium Publishers in crypto, gaming, finance, and Web3. Benzinga, ForexLive, Coinquora, and ForexLive are just some of the media partners available. Premium ad slots across visible positions are present and a clear advantage for the DOT network.


One click audience profiling and geo-targeting is available to ensure only relevant audiences are reached. Contextual targeting matches website content with ad content to ensure the best possible alignment with reader interests. What’s more, DOT allows advertisers to embed their own tracking links from AppsFlyer, Adjust and others offering complete transparency from impression to conversion.

Multiple Formats

Do you want a specific format? No worries because DOT has your back! DOT allows you to choose any format according to what you think will work best. Switch between targeted display ads, editorials or even press releases. You are free to pick any format, and change at any time.

7 Day Support & Campaign Management

Since 2018 thousands of crypto brands have trusted DOT with their campaigns. Client support is available 7 days a week. DOT keeps you updated. In addition to live analytics, regular updates are provided on strategies, tactics or techniques being used to maximize performance.

Crypto and non-Crypto Payment Options

  • Credit Card
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • Stable Coins USDT, USDC
  • Flexible! Pause or cancel any time.

DOT for Publishers

DOT Fusion

Fusion is the DOT technology responsible for higher Publisher revenue. DOT Fusion is the optimal mix of direct deals, programmatic demand and sponsored content, within one neat package!

Direct Deals

DOT works with thousands of brands offering lucrative direct advertising deals. DOT’s own sales team becomes an extension of your own. Attract larger budgets, higher CPM’s, and more sustainable income with DOT’s direct advertising demand.

99% Fill Rates

Thanks to both direct deals and DOT’s class leading header bidding technology, DOT offers up to 99% fill rates with optimized backfill. Never miss an opportunity to monetize your content.

Lightening Fast Loading Times

DOT ad technology is designed to load with the lowest possible impact on user experience. Page speed is important for SEO and effective monetisation. With this in mind DOT’s solution was designed from the ground up to be fast, and ultra resource light.

7 Day Publisher Support

Human support is available 7 days a week. Additionally self-help guides and resources are available 24/7 from their well resourced knowledge base.

Final Words

With access to over 175+ million crypto-interested individuals monthly via DOT’s extensive list of media partnerships, there is little doubt that DOT is one of the most effective crypto ad networks available. Testament to the power of the technology, DOT has worked with thousands of advertisers from across Crypto, Blockchain, NFT, GameFi, and FinTech. Advanced targeting options, flexible pricing and the ability to pay in Bitcoin and other crypto options makes DOT a true contender for the #1 spot. Additionally, DOT is the only network offering free ad design with all campaigns, and free campaign management too.

For publishers in the space, DOT offers the opportunity to earn from market leading CPM’s and realize up to a 99% fill rate on inventory. A user friendly analytics dashboard and 7 day support makes DOT a trustworthy partner for any growing business or website.

Learn More

  • Crypto Advertisers can click here to bypass ad restrictions and discover the available options.
  • Crypto Publishers can click here for a free website revenue estimation.

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