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Compelling Crypto Ads: Tips and Best Practices


It’s crucial for businesses to effectively market their offerings to stand out from the crowd in the ever more crowded web3 space. 

One powerful tool in the web3 marketeers arsenal is the creation of compelling crypto ads that capture attention, convey value, and inspire action. 

In this article, we will explore the challenges faced in crafting such ads, delve into the best practices, and showcase three remarkable examples from the industry that have successfully mastered the art of crypto advertising.

Challenges in Crypto Advertising

Crypto advertising presents unique challenges due to its niche nature and the complexity of the subject matter. Here are a few hurdles marketers need to overcome:

  • Regulatory Constraints

Different countries have varying regulations around crypto advertising, which can limit the platforms and channels available for promotion. Advertisers must stay informed about the legal landscape to ensure compliance.

  • Audience Understanding

Cryptocurrencies are still relatively new to many people. Marketers must bridge the knowledge gap by simplifying complex concepts and educating the audience about the benefits and potential risks.

  • Competition and Trust

The crypto market is highly competitive, making it crucial for ads to differentiate themselves and build trust with potential customers. Overcoming skepticism and showcasing credibility is essential in gaining the attention and confidence of the target audience.

Best Practices for Compelling Crypto Ads

Use GIFs

Incorporate eye-catching GIFs into your crypto ads. GIFs are dynamic and grab attention, making them perfect for capturing the short attention span of viewers. They add a touch of movement and playfulness to your ads, increasing the chances of catching the viewer’s eye amidst the scrolling frenzy.

⭐ 10 Word Rule

Keep your copy short & concise. Research indicates that people browsing on mobile devices have an incredibly short attention span. Therefore, it’s vital to shorten your text and make it clear and concise. 

Lead with a captivating headline or a powerful visual that instantly communicates your key message. Streamline your text by eliminating jargon and unnecessary technical details. 

Use clear and straightforward language that resonates with your target audience. Remember, you want to convey your message quickly and effectively, so cut out any extraneous information and distill your value proposition into its most compelling essence.

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⭐ Highlight advantages, not just features

When crafting your crypto ads, it’s essential to shift the spotlight from solely focusing on the features of your product or service to highlighting the benefits it offers. While features provide specific details about what you’re selling, such as technical specifications or ingredients, benefits are what truly resonate with potential customers. 

For instance, if you’re promoting a crypto wallet, rather than solely focusing on its technical features, emphasize the benefits of enhanced financial security, easy and convenient transactions, or the freedom of managing digital assets.

When it comes to enhanced financial security, you can highlight how your crypto wallet provides a secure and tamper-proof method of storing and transferring digital assets, protecting users from potential risks associated with traditional financial systems.

Also, emphasize the ease and speed of conducting transactions with your crypto product, eliminating the need for intermediaries, paperwork, and lengthy processing times commonly associated with traditional financial transactions.

⭐ Remember to optimize your landing page

When running your crypto ad campaigns, it’s crucial to remember that having great ads is just the first step. To truly maximize your results, you must ensure that the landing pages you direct users to are equally compelling and optimized for conversion. Here are some key tips to follow when creating optimized landing pages for your crypto ads:

  • Clear Call to Action (CTA)
  • Visual consistency between your ad and the landing page 
  • Easy-to-Complete Form
  • Mobile-Friendly Experience

⭐ Choose the right font

When designing your crypto ads, selecting the right font plays a crucial role in conveying your message effectively and leaving a lasting impression. 

While creativity is important, never compromise on legibility. Ensure that your chosen font is easily readable, even at smaller sizes or when viewed on mobile devices. Avoid overly ornate or intricate fonts that might hinder legibility and cause confusion. 

Select a font or a combination of fonts that complement each other and use them consistently across your crypto ads and marketing materials. Consistency fosters brand recognition and builds trust with your audience.

Explore this font directory for inspiration! 

⭐ Leverage market opportunities

When market situations present themselves, such as a significant industry development or a competitor’s setback, it’s the perfect time to emphasize your unique features and benefits.

Whether it’s advanced security measures, lightning-fast transaction speeds, user-friendly interface, or extensive coin offerings, these exceptional qualities could differentiate you from the rest.

By aligning the ads with market trends, you can effectively highlight the key selling points and position your business as the go-to solution for crypto enthusiasts.

We all remember the FTX drama, right? It has underscored the vulnerability associated with centralized exchanges, where user funds can be at risk due to potential hacks, regulatory actions, or internal mishaps. 

That’s where DEXs come into play! In a similar situation, your crypto ads could focus on users becoming the custodian of their assets, ensuring unparalleled security and peace of mind!

⭐ Consider A/B Testing

It’s all about testing what works and then optimizing for the best results! Consider implementing A/B testing to discover the most effective elements.

By conducting A/B testing, you can systematically experiment with different components of your crypto ads, such as headlines, visuals, and copy, to identify the winning combination that resonates best with your target audience. Continuously optimize your ads based on data-driven insights to maximize their impact and drive desired outcomes.

Examples of Remarkable Crypto Ads


Coinbase’s “Moving America Forward” national campaign for crypto is a remarkable example in the world of crypto ads. The campaign emphasizes the crucial role of cryptocurrencies in modernizing the global financial system. 

Through a series of four different advertisements featuring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, the campaign aims to raise awareness about financial innovations enabled by crypto and highlight Coinbase’s events and lobbying efforts.

Coinbase’s campaign not only highlights the domestic adoption of crypto but also underscores the significance of overseas adoption and the potential risks if the US fails to maintain its leadership in building technology for the global financial infrastructure.

By combining compelling storytelling, visual displays on Wall Street, and engaging events, Coinbase effectively communicates the benefits and potential of crypto to a broad audience. 

Through its strategic campaigns and initiatives, Coinbase continues to position itself as a leader in the crypto industry.

Olliv from Coinflip

Olliv, a crypto platform, has set a great example with its “Normal People Crypto” campaign. Created in partnership with Quality Meats, the campaign aims to support the launch of Olliv and challenge the “crypto bro” culture that has historically dominated the industry.

Unlike previous crypto campaigns that targeted existing users and made the industry appear intimidating to newcomers, Olliv’s campaign showcases how simple and accessible it can be to use crypto in everyday life.

Whether it’s sending money abroad, paying for services, or exploring the digital economy, Olliv emphasizes its role in making the crypto journey safe, user-friendly, and inclusive.

By addressing the fears, skepticism, and confusion associated with crypto, Olliv’s campaign speaks directly to everyday people who may feel intimidated by the concept.

It acknowledges their desire to join the digital economy while providing a platform that is simple, frictionless, and secure.


Bitget, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, is setting another good example through its marketing campaigns featuring Lionel Messi, the renowned Argentinian football legend. Bitget aims to benefit users with attractive incentives, boost market sentiment, and restore confidence in the crypto industry.

The partnership between Bitget and Lionel Messi began with the successful “A Perfect 10” campaign in late October. Bitget seized the opportunity of the 2022 World Cup, and launched their “Make it Count” campaign.

To engage users in the football frenzy, Bitget has organized various giveaways and exclusive rewards, including up to 1 million BGB tokens and a jersey signed by Lionel Messi himself. 

Recognizing the decline in consumer trust due to the collapse of some crypto giants, Bitget is intensifying efforts in product development and marketing to provide the best social trading experiences.

The collaboration with Lionel Messi serves as an inspiration for Bitget to strive for excellence, especially during the World Cup period. Bitget aims to celebrate the football spirit within the crypto world and continues to invest in the ecosystem, even during challenging times.


In a nutshell, advertising your crypto project comes with its fair share of considerations. The landscape is subject to strict regulations imposed by the big players in the tech industry. Each platform, be it Meta, Twitter, or Google, has its own set of rules and requirements for promoting crypto projects. 

Keep this in mind when deciding to advertise your project. For instance, you can easily avoid this hassle by joining a crypto ad network.

Finally, stay creative and don’t forget to A/B test your crypto ads!

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