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BitinfoHub Review: DOT

crypto advertising network

Review originally published on BitinfoHub.

Crypto ad networks are similar to other popular networks, such as Google or Facebook Ads, but they are more friendly and effective for businesses operating in the crypto and Web3 space. As with other networks, the goal is commonly to raise awareness about a project or solution to drive new business and increase conversions.

What are Crypto & Web3 Ad Networks? And Why are they Important?

Crypto advertising networks are the most efficient and convenient way to boost revenue and growth metrics. The most essential step in any marketing strategy is to reach out to targeted and relevant audiences.

Crypto ad networks, in many cases, provide direct access to crypto-interested audiences, which is a valuable asset for any project or business in the space. Besides, many Web3 businesses face difficulties accessing traditional advertising channels such as Facebook or Google ads. In this case, crypto networks are the best alternative.


DOT is a cryptocurrency advertising network used by thousands of advertisers, including Huobi, Koinly, and ZenGo. DOT caters to individuals interested in Crypto products, Blockchain technologies, NFTs, and other related topics. With geo-location, device, and theme-based targeting options, you can reach over 175 million monthly readers.

Key Benefits

    • 175+ Million Monthly Readers
    • Hundreds of Crypto Advertisers choose DOT
    • Advanced Geo-Targeting & Contextual Targeting Options
    • Flexible Pricing Model. Cancel any time.
    • Free Sponsored Articles 
    • Free Animated Ad Design


Crypto & Web3 Brands

Crypto and Web3 businesses looking for registrations, app installs, new leads, or brand awareness.

DOT’s targeted advertising aims to generate conversions rather than just clicks. Campaigns are non-binding and can be started and stopped at any time. Advertisers have complete budgetary control.

Targeting Options

Audience profiling and geo-targeting are available with a single click to ensure that only relevant audiences are reached. Contextual targeting integrates website and ad content to ensure the best match with reader interests.

Premium Publishers

DOT has partnered with hundreds of Premium Publishers in the crypto and Web3 industries. BeincryptoBenzinga, and ForexLive are among the media partners. Premium ad slots are available across visible positions, ensuring the highest possible click rates.

Free Sponsored Articles + Free Ad Design.

To help you maximize your earnings, DOT also offers free sponsored articles, free creative design, and free campaign management. DOT may be the best option if you want the most complete access to premium crypto audiences.

7-Day Support & Campaign Management

Thousands of cryptocurrency brands have trusted DOT with their campaigns since being founded in 2018. Support is available seven days a week in addition to live analytics and regular updates on marketing strategy.

Payment Options

    • Credit Card 
    • Stable Coins USDT, USDC
    • ETH
    • BTC

Flexible! Pause or cancel at any time.


Publishers & Content Creators

Direct Advertising

The DOT sales team works as an extension of your own. DOT collaborates with thousands of brands to offer profitable direct advertising opportunities. With DOT’s direct advertising demand, publishers can attract larger budgets, higher CPM deals, and more sustainable income.

Earn More with DOT Fusion

Fusion is the DOT technology that drives increased Publisher revenue. DOT Fusion is the ideal combination of direct deals, header bidding, and sponsored content in a single package!

Lightening Fast Load Times

DOT ad technology is designed to load ads without delay. Page speed is critical for both SEO and monetization. With this in mind, DOT’s solution was built to be resource-light.

99% Fill Rates

DOT provides up to 99% fill rates with optimized backfill thanks to direct deals and DOT’s industry-leading header bidding technology. 

7-Day Publisher Support

Human support is available Seven days a week. Moreover, self-help guides and resources are available from their knowledge base 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Final Words. Do we recommend DOT’s Crypto Ad Network?

There is no doubt that DOT is one of the most effective crypto ad networks available, with access to over 170+ million crypto-interested individuals monthly via DOT’s extensive list of media partnerships. DOT has worked with thousands of different advertisers from Crypto, Blockchain, NFT, GameFi, and FinTech, demonstrating the power of the technology. DOT is a true contender for the top spot thanks to advanced targeting options, flexible pricing, and the ability to pay in Credit Card, Bitcoin, and other crypto options.

Furthermore, DOT is the only network that provides free ad design with all campaigns and free campaign management.

DOT allows publishers to earn market-leading CPMs and achieve up to a 99% fill rate on inventory. With an easy-to-use analytics dashboard and 7-day support, DOT is a reliable partner for any growing business or website.

Grow Your Crypto Business

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Grow Your Crypto Business
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